Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Riding Mounted Games

Why is it that it takes a week to recover from being away on a trip for only three days? I suppose the fact that Wm. dumped an entire bag of potato chips in the back seat of the truck, and that we were engaged in a muddy, cold activity should explain partly.

Anna's team, riding together for the first time, won second place of six teams in the Novice Division of the Bluegrass Open at the Kentucky Horse Park for Mounted Games. Jorgen, Lauren's pony, was loaned for the weekend to a homeschooling friend who's team rode to first place! With a broken ankle, Lauren was consigned to team mascot. Her team rode for the first time in Master's Division.

Sunday evening, after an exhausting weekend, I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and had a panic attack. A movie played in my mind of the English, Canadian and American teams riding horses faster than what you'd see in a horse race (they are sprinting). What am I doing, I thought, letting them ride in such a sport? One girl's horse ran out of control and threw her through the fence. She required stitches. Surprisingly, it was the worst of all the injuries considering how fast they ride. Of course, my girls are not yet up to that speed, but that's where they are hoping to go.

Yet, in the light of the day, I've calmed. My girls won't be going that fast for some time. Truly, these riders are the best riders I've ever seen. It at once scares and thrills you.

Anna and Stealth, her mount, were amazing. I wish I could show you her flying vault onto her horse and her ability to pick up something off the ground while still mounted. Very proud of her, I am. Aside from that, I found the weekend to be enjoyable because I know my girls will organize their own equipment and be disciplined in what they need to do.

As for our family, the only injury this weekend occurred when Anna's horse, grazing beside me as I sat in the grass, stepped on my hand. I nearly passed out and then nearly threw up, so badly did it hurt. The moment passed though, and after, I truly had no pain. Strange.

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