Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reminder to Self be the very last person to check the gate in the barn and shut the doors.

At 3:30 a.m. today, Jorgen discovered the gate unlatched and decided to get some of that green candy grass just laying there for the taking. And, look! There's more across the street. No, the grass at home is better. As he went back and forth, the paper carrier saw him and was kind enough to ring our doorbell. Of course, he took off when he saw me, relishing his freedom.

So, in my pj's and barn coat, cutting quite a figure I am sure, I got in the van and followed him to the neighbor's, where he is sometimes pastured, just visiting with the horse that lives there. Food convinced him to come, and we went home. After such an adrenaline rush, it took some time before I could sleep again.

Speaking of sleep, Dh owes me a week of back rubs, having fallen asleep during Pride and Predjudice. Hah. He says it's a setup and not even SuperMan could have stayed awake since I didn't even start the movie until 10 p.m. Fah, he stayed awake for BATWOMAN, which only got 1 1/2 stars. Hallie Berry's movie seemed to keep him awake. Get the picture?

Lauren fell asleep, too, so owes me foot rubs. Anna and I watched it to the end, enjoyed it, and Anna, Age 12, is now reading the book. I liked the movie, but found the dialogue sometimes hard to follow. I should be able to follow it, for the giggly, bubbling way that young girls talk when excited is often within my hearing. Truly, it is a woman's movie. Dh wants to know, since he did see some of the beginning, what was Mr. Darcy's problem?

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mommaof4 said...

Hope that you enjoy those foot & back rubs!!!!


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