Sunday, March 12, 2006

What Not to Wear

Don't you just love these shows that tell you what NOT to wear? Oprah is a good one for that. Take the frumpy mom in her jeans and tshirt. 'Honey', they say sweetly, 'you don't need to go around like that.' The subject then emerges with a $500 cut, color and makeup job that will never be duplicated at Fantastic Sams in her town, clothed in the perfect skirt with a little flair at the hem, a perfectly matched blouse and the cutest little sandals. I'm at home thinking I'd sure like to see her scrub the kitchen floor and toilet in that. How about mucking out the horse stalls in those little gold flats?

On the show What Not to Wear, they recently showed a woman in a "gorgeous" pair of high-heeled sandals that cost $248. What??? My whole wardrobe doesn't amount to that much. It's my fault for even watching these shows. Our culture's expectations are formed on glossy magazines. A friend recently called, relaying that she'd tried on bathing suits. It was depressing, she said. We lamented that we'd never be fourteen again, yet we compare ourselves with movie stars having twins at age 48 and then fitting into their evening gowns for the Oscars. Oh, for a little air-brushing on my photos.

Speaking of photos, it is true, is it not, that you have dozens of photos of your family and few, if any, feature the mom of the family? Recently, I shared some photos via email with my aunt. She wrote back that it appeared that everyone had had a good time, except me, since I wasn't in any of the photos. Well, it's true, I am charged with, out of guilt that someday I will be accused of not properly photographing the family history, taking all the photographs. So, I am rarely in them. Aunt suggested that I reliquish the camera to one of my offspring, as she was sure they'd do a good job.

It might be though, that I do not reliquish the camera as they'd photograph me in my element, revealing the true nature of my existence and showing me in a less than glamorous light. As an example, I leave you with the following photo taken by my four year old of me scrubbing the floor in my uniform of jeans and a tshirt:


Favorite Apron said...

Cathy - I am the What Not to Wear Poster child, lol. My own mother, who is very Audrey Hepburn, tells me I'm frumpy.

pita-woman said...

Looks like the perfect: evening wear, lounge wear, costume, office attire, outdoor wear, etc., etc.


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