Saturday, March 04, 2006

Do You Ever Think You'll Be Old Enough.....

...that you won't care what you look like wearing a "patio" or house dress like you've seen your grandma wear? On my post about Slippers, TC asked where was the matching dress? Here it is, TC. You can find your own support hose!

As for footwear comfort, I have had bunions (I HATE that word. Makes me sound 90 years old) all my life, even as a child. They are genetic, and make buying shoes a real pain, pun intended. Shoe shopping is one feminine delight in which I can't share, for shoes rarely fit, and if I can cram my deformed feet into them, they are rarely comfortable. Podiatists, all men, say "buy comfortable (read UGLY) shoes with lots of room in them. These shoes that fit generally look like beatnik European (read STRANGE) shoes.

Recently, I watched the movie, In Her Shoes. I had to laugh because this woman was like Imelda Marcos (remember her?) with tons of shoes, not one pair that would fit my old lady feet. Pain shoots through my joints just looking at them!

Now, men, mmmmm... They seem to move to comfortable versus looking good much sooner than women. Notice on this ad for Health Shoe, the notation that "The Men's Shoe has been sold out." Wonder why that is? Wouldn't you just love to see your man in a pair of those? Now, this is the kind of shoe that the podiatrists (blast them) would love to see me in. Not going to happen. I must make do for now, cramming my foot into uncomfortable footwear until such time I can retire to those slippers or Health Shoes and my Patio Dress.


pita-woman said...

Well, if you ever want to get those bunyons taken care of... my husband had horrible ones,... we can recommend a good orthopaedist. Dr. George Quill did both of John's surgeries, and his mothers as well.
And just think, you get to sit around with your feet propped up (suggest getting one foot done at a time), while everyone else waits on you hand & foot. ;)

Favorite Apron said...

Ok, I may be the What Not to Wear Poster Child, but even I am not wearing this!


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